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Measuring and analysing nearly every metric applicable during a fight, the technology will be able to give judges a far more definitive idea of what’s actually happening. Working in real-time, results would be immediate.
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MIAMI – September 18, 2023 – COMBATE GLOBAL and Combat IQ today announced a global partnership that will equip the world’s premier, Hispanic-focused Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise with unparalleled data and content solutions to drive the next generation of fan engagement in Combate Global.
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Unveiling the Future with Predictive Analytics: Exploring UK’s Trailblazing Companies
With AI-powered data analytics, Combat IQ is reshaping the fan experience for combat sports enthusiasts. It’s all about making predictions and insights a part of the thrilling journey.
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The Petcash Pod #61 - Profluence Sports
Combat IQ is the world’s first AI-powered data analytics company dedicated to combat sports using machine learning and computer vision.
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What is Combat IQ? Just the Next Generation of Sports Wagering
We use blockchain technology to ensure the data we gather and analyze remains tamper-proof and reliable. Every punch, kick or action recorded is stored in a way that can't be altered retroactively, providing our partners with the utmost confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the information they receive...
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AI and Sports: Everything You Need to Know - Profluence Sports
We all love the bells-and-whistles when watching sports… Such as how hard a baseball is thrown or if the tennis ball hit the line. tennis ball ai camera determines in or out These technologies are going to get even better… AI algorithms can process data including player movements, statistics, and historical patterns, to generate visualizations, statistics, and predictive models.
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FUTRSPRT Podcast: Tim Malik, CEO of Combat IQ
Combat IQ is bringing more analytics to combat sports.
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Combat IQ: Harnessing the powers of AI and blockchain
On this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller and Tim talk about Combat IQ, how it uses AI to process data and how blockchain can play a role in resolving disputes in the sports betting industry.
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This Tech is MMA's Future | The Sports Road
"There’s very little live data available at the moment – MMA is the eighth most popular sport in the world, and we’re the only ones providing stats for it." - Tim Malik, CEO Combat IQ
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Combat IQ brings AI-based real-time insights to combat sports
Combat IQ is developing a series of real-time data and computer vision insights for fighting sports, which can be used to provide fans with more detailed analysis during fights. The range of information created by Combat IQ is still being defined, but early demos include details such as strike speed, strike accuracy, fighter distance, kick height, time in clinch and an ongoing record of which parts of the body different punches and kicks have landed.
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Tim Malik (Combat IQ) On Building The World's First AI-powered Combat Sports Analytics Tool
Tim Malik is the cofounder of Combat IQ. Combat IQ is the world's first AI-powered combat sports analytics tool for fight promotions, sportsbooks and industry participants.
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Prototyping Sports Tech: Enhancing Performance and Sustainability
Did you ever struggle to excel at a new sport? Progressing from beginner to pro is extremely challenging, particularly in combat sports. Thus, CombatIQ’s quest for the students was to come up with an idea that would provide guidance to combat fighters purely based on video content.
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Siamo fuori a Tenero - Play RSI
L'addestramento alle arte marziale con l'intelligenza artificiale
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Combat IQ Uses AI to Extract Real-Time Data From Combat Sports Video Streams and Shares It With Broadcasters, Sportsbooks, More
We’re enabling innovation-powered scalability for combat sports. We're bridging the gap between technology and combat entertainment for one of the most underserved sports segments in the world. We're bringing them the same standard as other sports, so football, soccer, baseball, F1. One example of how we can do this is boosting the integrity of the sport, where we have match fixing detection capabilities and the ability to provide robust visualizations for media and fans.
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CombatIQ wants to supercharge combat sports with data analytics.
“What we’re doing is we’re using computer vision, machine learning to extract real time flight data from broadcast streams and then deliver that to our key verticals. And we think we’re in a really good position to supercharge growth for combat sports using that technology,” shared Combat IQ CEO and Co-Founder Tim Malik. Malik and his team have global plans for Combat IQ, with services targeting everything from combat sports brands, sports betting operators, publishers and broadcasters, fight promotions, esports, to athletes and gyms. Between Malik and his Co-Founder Christian Giang, the pair have lived in 12 countries and speak ten languages, covering just about all hemispheres of the planet.
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Growing Combat Sports With Data Analytics for Sports Betting
What we’re doing is we’re using computer vision, machine learning to extract real time flight data from broadcast streams and then deliver that to our key verticals. And we think we’re in a really good position to supercharge growth for combat sports using that technology,” Malik said.
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Next-Generation Data Extraction for Combat Sports.
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